TradeMessenger(CS version)

Professional makes perfect

focusing on providing solution for enterprise customer service

User Experience Application

Online Customer Service

The Online communication platform can be easily used
in enterprise website and personal site
A variety of channels makes communication simple.
No register and verify. Efficient and convenient

Easy communication

Visitors can chat each other immediately after clicking.
Customer service also can start to chat with the visitors activly
Answer visitors’ question shortly

Tracking the browse

Visitors can view all inforamtion of Site-Enter time,
browsing page and time,sourcing engine and
keywords that they did

Predict visitors' intentions

To predict the words by visitors input in advance
so that it can usderstand customers' intention more
efficiently and accurately.

Manage customer information

manage customer data of platform easily
Follow-up and record sales status and transaction
process.Combining offline and online perfectly,
Managing customer relations easily.

Customized skin style

The skin of customer system can be customized
by the website style
Variety of style templates and colors can be choosed

Support sending different type of documents

Through sending pictures, window screenshot and
documents to assist in communication and improve
work efficiency of customer service

User Experience Application